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Around the world?, Really?

The translation world cycles and helps people in need!

Let’s get on our bicycles and cross borders and bridges, and let’s overcome all barriers!

OnOURbikes is calling for teams who – proudly wearing their company gear – will grab their helmets, flasks and cameras, and participate in the “onOURbikes” awareness and fundraising event, no matter where they are on the planet! That’s how we will be going Around the World! The purpose of this initiative is twofold: to help save human lives by contributing to the Translators without Borders training program; and to raise awareness of the importance of translation and information in the right language!

When I cycle, how am I helping people?

Translation professionals can usually appreciate how a lack of important information can seriously impact people’s lives. Just imagine that you were born in an African village and you understand only one of the 150 local languages. This means that you may not be able to communicate directly with your doctor, or understand the label on your prescription medicine. There are only foreign language materials available to you and you can see people who lose their loved ones because they misunderstand information. How do you feel?

We – translation professionals – have a tool which can make a difference to millions of people. In fact, we use this tool already: we give knowledge and provide critical healthcare information by making it available in local languages, through the means of translation. But in places where translation is not even considered a profes sion, doing this is challenging. The Translators without Borders training program can address that challenge by working in those places, training local healthcare translators. The Translators without Borders Translator Training Center is located in Nairobi, Kenya, where about twenty new translators are trained every year and many more trained online.

To provide full, annual training to one person, it costs us 1,000 USD. The amount covers the training, equipment, and access to the Internet. When you and I cycle, we help provide those funds. So far, we have funded the training twenty healthcare translators thanks to the funds raised through onOURbikes cycles!


2012 – From Katowice to Budapest – 2,000 USD raised, 2 translators trained

2013 – Across Borders on Bikes – 3,250 USD raised, 3 translators trained

2014 – The Baltic Loop – 10,000 USD raised, 10 translators trained

2015 – The Capitals Route – 5,000 USD raised, 5 translators trained

2016 – Let’s achieve great results!

What’s next?

1. Register a new team on

2. Plan a route.

3. Tell your sponsors!

4. Go, and take plenty of photos, and enjoy! You can even upload your photos on the go!

5. See how much you have raised, and share your news on blogs and social media.

Thank you for your support!

Ewa, Marek & Lucjan

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